Glue & solvents

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DATA SHEET DESCRIPTION Product formulated with a mixture of organic solvents of good diluent power and toluene free. This solvent is recommended for the cleaning...
Glue Plastik-PU 1 LT
Pegamento Transparent Contact (SIN tolueno)
Primer on solvent base specially designed for the footwear industry. Suitable for use as a primer on loose and very absorbent skins, in order to penetrate and reinforce the...
Disolvente Transparent 1 lt. CON tolueno
Colle de Cologne
Disolvente especial Cianoacrilato 20 gr.
BASIS : Grafted Polychloroprene cement for bonding all materials around shoes. Free of toluene and MEK.
BASIS : Polyurethane cement for bonding all materials around shoes. Free of toluene and MEK.
Instant adhesive Transparent Flexible. Especially for jobs that require a degree of flexibility. Bottles in 20 and 50 gr. Drop by...
Transparent liquid primer for the treatment of thermoplastics rubber (TR) and latex.
Renia DESOHL 1 Litro
Renia Endurecedor Harter 100 ml
Renia Pegamento Asti 640 grs.
DEMOSTRATION VIDEO MSDS (Safety data sheet) MATERIALS: All materials used for repairing and producing shoes and boots like leather, rubber, foam...
Pegamento Koraplast
Pegamento HOOCO Neotex 4 kg.
Pegamento Kora-Craft 4 Kgs.
Despega suelas Tempo 1000 ML.
Gomafer tubes
Planchas Top Sem Beige 96 x 60 cm.
Pegamento Gamma 1542-20 5 l.
Pegamento Gamma 1542-R 5 l.
¡¡¡ IMPROVED FORMULA !!! Instant adhesive for easy application Especially suitable for worksin the shoe repair. Bottles in 20 and 50 gr. Drop by drop dispensing. Its lid...
DESCRIPTION Specially developed to increase drying speed. APPLICATIONS Accelerates the speed of work joining materials on which the cyanoacrylate adhesive Endurance with...
Solvent-based, toluene-free adhesive, specially designed for professional use in the footwear industry. It has outstanding adhesive properties, and a long open time, and...
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