Materials and articles for shoe repair and care professionals. Tools, machinery and everything you need for your shoe repair and shoe maintenance shop. We are specialized in replacement keys, copy keys and duplicators. Discover our product catalogue.

We are an official distributor of Silca. Silca S.p.A. is a leading European company manufacturing key blanks, key-cutting machines and equipments dedicated to the production and key blanks processing.

Shoe Repair, Care and Orthopedic Supplies from Spain to Europe and worldwide.

Our range of Shoe and Leather Care is directed both at protecting the shoe on the outside, as on the inside.

Our supplies are mostly used by cobblers, reasons for which we also offer tools for the machines and spare parts.

Buckles, fornitures, rivets, groomets and everything needed for small repairs of bags, belts and others

Wholesaler for Key Business Professionals with supplies of key blanks for any use, from home to automotive.

Our Orthopedic range offers solutions to a vast range of foot issues.

A wide range of padlocks made from different materials and for various needs.

Navigate our Outlet range for our latest offers in shoe repair, shoe care and leather care and repair.

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