Shoe care

Materials for Shoe Maintenance and Leather Care

Our range of Shoe and Leather Care is directed both at protecting the shoe on the outside, as on the inside. We offer high end shoe creams, shoe polish, horse hair brushes and a wide range of Insoles and Laces.

Insoles developed for hard-working feet anf long hours standing up.. recommended for daily use. Insoles recommended for sore feet. Model developed with multiple direct-fused...
Insole developed to disperse pressure on your soles, adaptable to all shoe types.Our team of professionals has developed the HexagelSlim insole with HEXA-FLEX technology, a...
Creme surfine (Data Sheet)
Insoles developed for moderate activity offering improved perfomance in sport and increased comfort in your shoes. Our team of professionals has developed the Multisport insole...
The highest quality foot pain relief at the best price. Our team of professional has developed the confort daily use insole, with shock absorption cushioning pads at maximum...
Hygienizing alcoholic solution for masks and other surfaces. Directions: Remove the mask from your face Shake the product well. Apply on the mask at a minimum distance...
The shoe Tree lets your shoes breathe... Overnight, the real wood of the Shoe Tree draws excess moisture from the leather, ensuring better shoe care, lasting elegance and...
Quick color reparador 25 ml.
1/2 Plantilla Transparent Bicolor Perfumada
BINOX KID art.645
Palc esponja brillo latina Incoloro
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