Shoe trees & shoe stretchers

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Bola dorada (par)
Placa dorada sin grabar (Par)
Pernito GT anatómico burdeos
Pernito GT Plegable
Pernito GT Sport señora talla única Butano-Níquel
Pernito muelle GT señora talla única ancho
Pernitos Bota GT
Pernito GT Sport Caballero
Front last made of quality solid wood and metal, to widen shoes that are narrow. Only one unit is needed since it is valid for both shoes of the same pair, both the left...
Pernitos Nico Espuma Punta Cro. 540900
Pernito Nico Espuma Troteurs
Pernitos Nico Espuma Muelle Caballero
Pernitos Nico Espuma Muelle Pumps
Pernitos Nico Espuma Muelle Punta Fina
Pernitos Nico Espuma Muelle Redondo
Pernitos Nico Espuma Pumps rojo
Pernitos Nico Espuma Punta Fina
Pernitos Nico Espuma Punta Redonda
Pernitos Nico Espuma Super Punta Fina
The shoe Tree lets your shoes breathe... Overnight, the real wood of the Shoe Tree draws excess moisture from the leather, ensuring better shoe care, lasting elegance and...
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