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Waterproofs and treats all smooth leathers, prevents cracking and drying of the leathers, keeping them soft and malleable. Particularly suitable for: jackets, armchairs, shoes,...
Palc crema autobrillante 1 kg.
Palc crema essentielle 200 ml.
Palc crema liquida forma 75 ml.
Palc desodorante pastillas para el calzado
Palc esponja aplicadora con funda
Palc esponja brillo latina Incoloro
Palc grasa caballo cristal 50 ml.
How to use: Apply a little cream on the sponge of the applicator and spread evenly over the shoe in circles until it is well distributed. Use a small amount of product and if...
Palc lata grasa caballo
Palc spray abrillantador 125 ml. Incoloro
Palc spray dilatador 125 ml.
Palc spray impermeabilizante 200 ml.
Palc spray pulsar desodorante calzado 75 ml.
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Palc spray restaurador 200 ml.
Palc tinte profundo 1 lt.
Palc tinte profundo 2x40 ml.
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