Orthopedics. Insoles and foot care products.

Our Orthopedic range offers solutions to a vast range of foot issues. Use it for producing high quality products and modifications for your customers.

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Heel Pain. Heel spur. Tendonitis. Rest and shock absorption. The soft and smooth density absorbs micro trauma and prevents damage and injuries.   HOW TO USE IT: Insert the...
Eliminates dead skin, hardnesses and callosities in an easy way. The blade is removable, which is perfect for disinfecting and cleaning after use. The design of the blade...
Double surface, with two grains of different thickness. To remove the hardest calluses and for delicate skins.
Pedic Spray SinODOR with A rnica Montana . Refreshes, relaxes and tones overheated feet (menthol action). Soothes and soothes swollen feet (mountain arnica action)....
INDICATIONS: The flexible support, with controlled rigidity, is designed to provide relief in the mid-plantar area, which helps reduce and distribute loads, providing relief...
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