About us

Venexma Europa has been servicing clients since 1987, with great attention to detail, good service, and constant feedback from our clients.

We are proud to be named one of the most important wholesalers of shoe repair materials in Spain. From Spain, we serve clients worldwide in over 45 countries.

We are specialists in Shoe Repair Supplies, Shoe Care, and Leather Care. Our range of products is constantly updated to foresee market trends and be the one-stop solution for our clients.

Our team

The Venexma Team is comprised of people with more than 30 years of working experience in the company. They have constantly adapted to all the changes and are up to date with all the innovations in the industry.

Our range of solutions offers top brands from which we have the knowledge to guide our clients in their best interest. We value each client and are proud to still have clients from our beginnings in 1987.

Our values

Our focus is on daily small improvements both in our processes and in our product with the aim to offer the best delivery and post-sale experience.

We ensure the best service by having a constant stock of products, which can be delivered in the shortest time.

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