DESCRIPTION Specially developed to increase drying speed. APPLICATIONS Accelerates the speed of work joining materials on which the cyanoacrylate adhesive Endurance with...
Solvent-based, toluene-free adhesive, specially designed for professional use in the footwear industry. It has outstanding adhesive properties, and a long open time, and...
Cepillo untador
Cepillos Transparent Star
¡¡¡ IMPROVED FORMULA !!! Instant adhesive for easy application Especially suitable for worksin the shoe repair. Bottles in 20 and 50 gr. Drop by drop dispensing. Its lid...
Filler wax sticks are tools used in shoe repair to cover small indentations, scratches, or blemishes that may remain after repairing the sole or heel. These bars are specially...
Expositor Cepillos Lustrar Transparent
Disolvente especial Cianoacrilato 20 gr.
Instant adhesive Transparent Flexible. Especially for jobs that require a degree of flexibility. Bottles in 20 and 50 gr. Drop by...
Solvent-based contact adhesive specially designed for professional use, mainly intended for the footwear industry and recommended for the manufacturing and repair of climbing...
Glue Plastik-PU 1 LT
Pegamento Transparent Contact (SIN tolueno)
Media Planta
1/2 Plantilla Transparent Bicolor Perfumada
Media Plantilla Transparent Piel Látex
1/2 Plantilla Transparent Pecary Látex
Media Planta Piel
Alzas Transparent Pecary Látex
Alza Piel-Látex con espolón
Heel lift designed to raise the foot inside the shoe those extra centimeters you need. Its base of EVA material absorbs the impacts produce when walking and its upper layer...
Alzas Transparent Piel Látex
Alzas Transparent Serraje Corcho
Tacones Cowboy
Measures Sheet
Fusion Sole Rubber Caps are a practical and functional solution to protect shoe heels and improve shoe stability, traction and durability, while providing additional benefits...
Perforated leather provides good air circulation for breathability.  
Made of GEL material and provide more better cushioning effect and comfort. •Good cushioning effect can reduce impact on the joints and muscles, suitable for hiking,climbing,...
Plantilla Antiolor talla única
Plantilla Transparent Anatómica Adventure
Plantilla Transparent Air-Fresh
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