Aceite pata de buey
Colorless waterproofer that protects creating an invisible barrier shoes and garments from rain, snow and penetration of all kind of stains.
Tarragó balm 125 ml.
Goma block (ante y nubuck)
Esponjas caja 96 unidades
Pinceles pelo fino especial
Tarrago Color Stop is a colour stabilizer that prevents discharge of colour from leather shoes or from textileson socks,tights and on the skin. It can be...
Tarrago Dubbin is a mineral origin dubbin, special to nourish and waterproof leather and oiled leather. It softens and nourishes,...
Trekking kit de protección
Grasa para cuero
Mink oil 100 ml.
Tarros tarrago crema piel natural goretex
Nubuck Clearner 75 ml. self applicator
Tinta penetrante
Grease formulated with high quality natural waxes and oils to maintain, polish, waterproof and soften vegan leather, smooth leather and greased leather, leaving a soft...
Imprimación 1 L.
Quick color reparador 25 ml.
Renovador nubuck color 75 ml.
Tinta autobrillante 2 componentes 25 ml.
Tinta a la cera autobrillante 1000 ml.
Crema autobrillante 1 Kg.
Tarro de crema 50 ml.
Tubo de crema 50 ml.
Esponja aplicadora con soporte
Trekking limpiador spray 250 ml.
Spray calzado fresh deodorant 150 ml.
Spray instant brillo 250 ml.
Offers innovative top-class protection based on revolutionary Nanotechnology.
Spray protector 250 ml.
Trekking impermeabilizante spray 250 ml.
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