Pegamento Transparent Contact (SIN tolueno)


Non-toluene solvent-based contact adhesive specially designed for professional use, mainly intended for the footwear industry. It has an excellent initial tack, long open time and develops excellent initial and final strength, which is why it is mainly used in bonding processes. Given its properties can be used to join all kinds of skins, sawdust, rubber, fabrics ...

This adhesive may be used if necessary in a two component system a crosslinker in a proportion of 5% by volume relative to the adhesive (REFORZANTE). This system is especially suitable for skins with fat content, gums of different types, thermoplastic rubbers (TR) and in general provided that after adhesion tests and adhesion tests with aging, we see the necessity of their use.GLUE TRANSPARENT CONTACT (TOLUENO FREE)


The materials to be bonded must be clean and dry. Brush an even layer of adhesive onto each surface to be glued. The solvent is allowed to evaporate under normal working conditions the time for evaporation is about 10 minutes, thereafter a cold sticking time of about 60 minutes is available. These times depend largely on the materials used, environmental conditions, amount of adhesive applied, etc.

After this time, the adhesive can be applied by applying heat to the adhesive to recover its tackiness. It is not advisable to force the joints until after 24 hours. In the case of gluing by means of a two component system, it must be done within a maximum of 2 hours from its application, since the adhesive will have crosslinked and a new application of the adhesive will have to be applied in order to bond.

For more information and precautions for use, consult the Material Safety Data Sheet.



As a general rule, we must remove any dirt, grease or impurity by physical or chemical treatment of the surfaces to be bonded.



1 litre metallic cans and 4 litres metallic cans.



Store between 5 to 30ºC in original packaging. Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Shelf life approximately 12 months.


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