Exhalation reduced to a miimum - Glue saving thanks to its automatic dosage apparatus and air-tight cap - Brushes saving because they are held into the container.



As the surface of the product exposed to the air is very small, the evaporation of any solvents contained in the glue is reduced to the minimum, and this improves the life of the product.

Furthermore, the exhalation of any toxic agents is reduced to a tolerable minimum.

Our containers are particularly suitable for all those liquid products that evaporate or encrust when exposed to the air (glues, dyes, dressings, etc.).

1. - How to fill the container.

Put it in the position as shown in picture 1) and pour the liquid through the special hole.

2. - When it's not used, close the container with its special cap leaving the brush inside. So, you will obtain a considerable saving of brushes.

3. - lf the glue becomes thick because of the long opening of the container, it will be sutficient to replace the cap and turn the container in the filling position (picture 3). A short time later,

put the container in the working position (picture 2) and you will have the glue liquid again.

When the container is not used, it's recommended to keep

it in the filling position so during the night the crusts will

soften and it will be easy to take them off.

4. - By using evaporable and inflammable products, it's

recommended to keep the container away from fire, light, sun.

5. - When the container is not used, it's recommended to keep

it always hermetically closed (picture 4).


Available: 400 ml. , 900 ml y 1500 ml.


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