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Serretta cylinder 5-piton cipher system. Extraction resistance through displaced DIN cam.
Toothed cylinder with short cam. 5-piton encryption system. Extraction resistance through displaced DIN cam.
CISA Asix cylinders are the ideal cylinders for secondary entrances to homes, offices and stores. Drill resistance thanks to the cemented steel pins and counter-pins in the...
The AsixP8 European cylinder offers a good level of security and high performance in master key systems, representing the ideal solution for access management in public and...
Characteristics: High security brass cylinder with 6 pins and 15 mm cam. Double clutch. anti-drill pin on the body and 2 on the rotor. Stainless steel anti-extraction and...
CISA Astral S (SICUR) cylinders are the ideal solution for those looking for a security cylinder with high performance against cylinder extraction attempts. + 40% resistance...
Mailbox lock with three tabs of different sizes. Maximum width: 7 mm. Includes two keys.
Safety shield with sintered steel body and treated steel anti-drill plate. Hollow outer ring and brass trim. Includes screws, support and a mod 20 keyhole. For doors with a...
High security shield with sintered steel body, carbonitrided steel anti-drill plate fixed with carbonitrided anti-theft nuts. Solid outer ring. Anti-drill tempered steel...
Metal lock for shutter closure with 3 point keys. Cylinder length: 15 mm. Key blank model 9645.
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